Outro 5,000 - Ft. Daniel Halligan

This video was meant to be tribute to the 2009 Beastie Boys Sabotage video. The majority of this video was not scripted and was acted/improv'd right on spot. Cop number 1, Awade, killin it with his own stunts. Cop number 2, Stefani, with the Oscar Award acting and never ending clip. BC Villain as Slim Beezel, the sleezy drug pusher. And of course, I played myself, a 1970's Miami drug kingpin. The whole film was shot in Bellingham, Wa. From the real police showing up to hotels and parking lots kicking us out we managed to shoot the whole video in one day. Big shout out to Adam and Justin for filming and editing. More short films on the way.

Wit That Skert (ft. BC Villian, JB Swoopa & Stefani) 

This video was my first studio single off my album Back a the Doe Dee. Filmed out on Chuckanut drive in Bellingham, featuring BC Villain, JB Swoopa , and Stefani. Ghostin out the window. Filmed and edited by Adam and Justin.

Trap House Bop

VEGAS BABY. This trip was so dope for so many reasons.  Reason numbra uno, before I even got to vegas I played this dude craps on the back of the plane and won every throw. 2, Its fuckin vegas, and its always crazy. 3, My buddy Crazy came thru from cali with his ex girlfriends car, straight pimpin haha. 4, the Red Rock canon was a trip and a half to climb, we did it twice. Do dope tho. 5, Friggin lambo mon. Obnoxiously loud for no reason wit dem butterfly doors. I ended up paying for the whole trip from betting my winnings on black the last night because, fuck it, the lambo black. Fuck wit it. Filmed and edited by Michael Dyrland.

King Lebron ft. Daniel Haligan ((KING. [] - j^p^n)) 

MILK. I wanna say I put more of myself into this album than most. Shout out to Shelby for always reminding me this is her favorite album. Danny Koose has been a good friend of mine from back in high school. Two kids with big aspirations. He's a genius on brass, I once saw Danny blow the panties right off a groupie before, shit you not. Long live King Lebron. Filmed and edited by Adam and Justin.

20. Friggin. Racks. First professional set. So many creative minds in one area, we managed to film this all in one day. Mad ups to Katieann and Michael Dyrland for filming/editing/coordinating all of this. Shout out Patricia, you the dopest.

Benefits (First Class - BeatGXDCO) 

Now peep all game, cuz all game must get peeped. 2 limos in one day. One black with a black outfit, the second white with an astronaut suit because fuck it. Rollin dice because that what the fuck I do. Shout out to Kayla for driving up and showin out and big ups to Shelby for being a babe.